Fat Cyclist Interview

I am a Fat Cyclist fan. I discovered the Fat Cyclist through Ali’s blog.

Fatty’s Fat Cyclist Fake News Service recently published a story about Lance Armstrong’s return to pro cycling. What I found particularly noteworthy about this blog post is one of the notes at the bottom citing Fatty’s interview in the September 2008 issue of Cycling Utah.

It wasn’t like I read the article and was in shock and awe and thinking, “Man, this guy is incredible!” or, “Man, this guy is a freak!” No, what I found interesting was the fact that I completely understood his [cycling related] answers not because of my superior reading ability, ;-) but the fact that I share that lifestyle.

I would like to comment that Fatty, also known as Elden Nelson, provided a picture that makes him look like he could play a pharaoh in a movie or play. It might be the hair, or lack of.

I read the whole article and really enjoyed it. As I stated, there is so much I understood because, as a cyclist in a tight-knit cycling community, I live it. Most importantly, I understand how cycling simply makes life bearable. After Monday’s frightening event, I found Tuesday’s commute and cyclocross workout to not only calm me, but bring me joy as well. I was happy.

The Fat Cyclist interview ended with some words by Elden that I especially find true this week:

Cycling is like a big reset button for me. It will take the pressures of the day, whether job or family, or concerns about medical stuff, and let me put them into prospective. It’s more than that, though. It’s a social thing, it’s how I stay current with my good friends. It’s a thinking thing. I have had lots of job-related good ideas on the bike, maybe more good job-related ideas on the bike than I have anywhere else. It gives a chance to be clear. And more than anything else, it’s just fun. It’s such a rare thing for me to come back at the end of a bike ride and think “That wasn’t very much fun.” There is always a highlight out there. Whether it’s seeing some deer on the side of the road or seeing a fox or badger out on the trail. You see stuff, you do stuff and you’re with people you like. You’re exercising and, really, there is just nothing that compares.

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