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Alaskan Inspiration

By Diane Ursu

I discovered a wonderful blog while reading the post of the day at The Fat Cyclist, yesterday. Elden is currently enlisting the help of guest posters while he tends to his personal life. At first, I wasn’t too excited about that idea, and then Jill Homer wrote a post. She hooked me when she mentioned the excellent idea of using platform pedals in the winter so snow boots can be worn to keep the toes warm. Being hooked on clipless pedals, this is something I never even thought of considering. Now, it’s most likely going to become reality within the next couple weeks. I think this is the missing link for making winter riding that much more enjoyable. Who knows, maybe even a few commutes are in order.

I decided to check out Jill’s blog, Up in Alaska. Jill is a journalist in Alaska who is an avid biker on a wicked Pugsley, laying tracks through the snow in the other great, white north. Unfortunately for me, there is no way I can compete with the beautiful photography she exhibits on her site. Not only am I fascinated by her site because of our snow connection, but I have wanted to go to Alaska for a long time. Through her site, I can see what I am missing.

Last but not least, I think Jill’s blog is just what I need to help me move to the next level of winter enjoyment. I think she is a potential role model for those of us who dare brave the snow. Sure, I could take up snowboarding and go up a lift and down a hill all day, but I think tapping into my inner sense of adventure and doing some Keweenaw exploration may be a much more exciting choice.

One Response to "Alaskan Inspiration"

  1. Ali says:

    Di – I’ve been a daily reader of Jill’s blog for about a year and a half.. maybe 2 years. I stumbled upon it early in my blog addiction life and can’t miss a post… mainly for her photos now. Wait until she embarks on the Iditatrail Race in February.. think… dogsledding minus dogs PLUS bike. It is a remarkable adventure to follow. So inspiring …. makes all of us look like complete wimps.

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