2011 MMBA Annual Meeting & Expo—A Photo Essay

I was super busy for this year’s expo, so I didn’t get many pictures. I did manage to get some completely useless photos…that may be kind of enjoyable.

Nate Phelps and Jason Dew (I believe that’s Jason Dew) showing us how it’s done with the Ditch Witch. I know that’s Nate because he turned to look at the camera as I snapped the photo. ;-)

Jason Wells (orange shirt) of Trail Solutions working with volunteers to build the pump track.

Marty Shue, Nick Shue, Jon Rose (I think), and Martin Hall.

Bob is a sensitive man who freely expresses his feelings.

Nick sporting his “old man” look.

This is what Nick looks like when he’s randy for Hopslam.

IMBA’s Executive Director Mike Van Abel was the keynote speaker for this year’s expo. I was mildly intoxicated, the night before, when I whipped out the iPhone and starting showing him pictures from the 2010 Midwest Mountain Bike Summit (see Velocity!). He approved. ;-) That was before I realized that he was IMBA’s Executive Director.

Whitey wanted me to document the fact that his MMBA sticker is proudly displayed on his mountain bike. Thanks, Whitey!

Whitey thinks people who wear helmets are hot. I *think* he’s talking about bike helmets.

The Metro South Chapter added a little fun with a game of spin-the-wheel.

Ah, Metro South. They competed with MBRA for the most lively expo vendor. They are definitely a breed of their own.

I tried to steal the Holdridge Lakes trail map (see MMBA Annual Meeting and Expo – A Photo Essay to see the map), but the Holly/Flint people tackled me as I tried to run with it. There was a little blood, but I’ll be okay. ;-)

I had to point the camera towards the window during Sunday’s meet and greet at Harper’s in East Lansing. I don’t know why. I just felt compelled to do so.

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