2011 Ride of Silence—A Photo Essay

I had the pleasure of joining the MSU-Lansing Ride of Silence, last night. I didn’t actually ride it. I didn’t have time to find a bike, prepare for the ride, run an errand while in Okemos, and then start on time…in the rain. That’s okay, though. I wasn’t feeling particularly hardcore, but 58 other cyclists were. Apparently, I was included in the count even though I was sans bike and avec vehicle.

I later found out that the riders left MSU Bikes, to the sound of the bagpipes played by Bill Collins, en route to Beaumont Tower where the ride would officially commence. Patricia Johannes, MSU’s assistant carillonneur, play a beautiful and appropriate carillon as the riders left Beaumont Tower for the State Capitol Building.

I met the riders, once again, as they approached the Michigan State Capitol from Michigan Avenue while I waited in the dry refuge of the Capitol steps. The riders gathered to talk about the importance of the Ride of Silence and to remember those who were hurt or injured in automobile-bicycle accidents. They then made their way back to MSU. Afterward, some of us met at the Peanut Barrel for food, beverage, and lively conversation, although not necessarily in that order. I enjoyed getting to know my fellow cyclists.

The following are some photos that I took, last night. They may seem drab and dreary, but that is because it was raining the whole time. Even so, they tell an interesting story.

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